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Prodigiosus City Gym

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Prodigiosus City Gym

Post  Minty on Tue 10 Jul 2012, 04:03

Prodigiosus City is a peaceful city like no other; filled with kind people and pokemon. As you explore the city you may discover something new due to the fact that this city has been developing ever since hundreds of years ago. It is located on the west of the Shoda Region and has a mountain range surrounding it. Some say that in this mountain range you can find the guardian of pokemon; Arceus.

This city is also like no other because in the tall grasses you can only find and capture Normal typed pokemon. Here can be found the Normal Gym of the Shoda Region. The gym leader's, [DES] Minty and NT Bowse, can be described as quirky and creative. Their dedicated trainer, Albente, is severely strong. Several face them and their trainer, but some fail. Will you dare and face the fierce Normal Typed Pokemon?

Rules of the Normal Gym
  • You must contact one of the leaders before you want to face the gym.

  • Do not be frustrated if natural things such as burns, paralysis, freeze, and a critical hit happen. We cannot control it.

  • DO NOT use foul language or make fun of anyone. No one likes a potty mouth.

Those that have received the Regular Badge:
Ransei Challenger Alex
Elite Tracy
Youngster Matt
[X] Mai
Zac Flare!
[星] tony.
PKMN Ranger Jory

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