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Blaze City Gym

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Blaze City Gym Empty Blaze City Gym

Post  Libra on Tue 10 Jul 2012, 14:30

Blaze City is a fearsome city full of the HOTTEST trainers of them all. It is located in the far east part of Shoda Region. It was built on top of the legendary Volcano of Shoda where Reshiram and all the other great fire type pokemon live. The long journey to Blaze City is long and difficult due to the many fire type pokes you will encounter on the way.
Here in Blaze City, you can find the Fire Gym of Shoda. The Gym Leader, NightLibra, is known for his fearsome and outright DEVASTATING tactics. As of this moment he has no gym trainers. Several have face him and almost all have fallen to the might of his power. But those who have beaten him have gone on to be great masters of pokemon.

Those who have beaten NightLibra:


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