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Flora Island

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Flora Island Empty Flora Island

Post  [GLS]Golem on Wed 15 May 2013, 01:09

A small island flourishing with various plants lies along the coast to the west of the Shoda Region. It seems to the outside world as a place of serenity, but looks can deceive. A sole young man lives here, thriving off the plants that grow on the island. In the center of the island lies a small stone stage known as "Deadman's Cobble", it was used by a small village inland for execution. But now the young man has turned the place of horror to beauty. This is the Flora Island Gym, a place of execution is now nothing more than a place of friendly competition.
The young man, the gym leader known simply as Golem, is guardian of the small island. He was sent to the island by the small inland village for punishment against his father. Even though he was a newborn child, the villagers sent him off into exile. He raised by the nurturing grass-type pokemon, who lived on the island, along with the water-type pokemon that lived near the island shore. He learned to make Pokeballs out of apricorns and used them to collect pokemon needed to make him stronger. One day a business owner came to his island and asked him to join the Shoda League as their grass leader and this how he came to be. He waits on the island with his trusty partner Serperior, itching for a battle.

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