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victory!!!!! Empty victory!!!!!

Post  Gym Leader Mai on Sun 04 Nov 2012, 16:18

Gym Badge: Ghost Badge (Ghost)
Gym leader: [PT] Oshawott
Date and Time: November 4, 2012 - around 18:55 a.m. GMT
Replay URL: Unavailable right now, but I saved my Battle Log!
Gym Leader Mai
Gym Leader Mai

Join date : 2012-10-30
Age : 23
Location : England, UK
Joebuscus's Badge Collection:
victory!!!!! 25ice_zpse650ae84 Glimmer Badge (Ice)
victory!!!!! 25normal2_zpsf8c0219f Regular Badge (Normal)
victory!!!!! 25bug2_zps58779a23 Silk Badge (Bug)
victory!!!!! 25steel_zps863d9ebb Metal Badge (Steel)
victory!!!!! 25fly3_zps66980136Sky Badge (Flying)
victory!!!!! 25electric_zps86016f35 Kinetic Badge (Electric)
victory!!!!! 25Fire2_zpsff288824 Combustion Badge (Fire)
victory!!!!! 25fight_zps6da66270 Martial Badge (Fighting)

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