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Crimson Cove Gym

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Crimson Cove Gym Empty Crimson Cove Gym

Post  Eruptor on Thu 27 Sep 2012, 20:01

A gentle town on a cove by the ocean, Crimson Cove gets its name from the color of the sky when the sun sets. Far and secluded from most cities and villages, it sports a variety of Fire Type Pokemon that roam free around it's boarders. The town's guardian, Ho-oh, is said to have cleared the land with it's Sacred Fire, so that people and Fire Pokemon could live in harmony.

Crimson Cove is home of the red hot Crimson Cove Gym, and is accepting challengers who wish to feel the intensity and destruction that is Fire Pokemon!

[img][/img]Crimson Cove Gym HUUMBh


Please message the gym leaders Eruptor or Jayjay Flame before battle requesting a Gym Battle.

DO NOT rage, or use foul language during the battle. This gym is on sacred grounds and will not tolerate such behavior.

Certified Trainers:

Jason Martin
Exploding Typhoon


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Location : Crimson Canyon

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