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Einsoul Village

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Einsoul Village Empty Einsoul Village

Post  Betelgeuse on Wed 19 Dec 2012, 21:23

Nestled underneath the ominous peaks of the Dreipeak Mountains lies Einsoul Village. It seems to be plunged in a perpetual fog, owing to the nearby marsh's constant gaseous emissions, which blow water vapor up into the air. It quickly evaporates and the water recondenses in the chill of the mountains, creating a mysterious atmosphere. The Gym is housed in an old mansion that was gutted and refurbished on the inside in order to provide a battle space for the Leader, Betelgeuse.

No one really knows where Betelgeuse came from. He simply appeared out of the fog one day, his Chandelure providing the only light to guide his path. He took up residence in the mansion and, with his nebulously acquired wealth, converted it into a Pokemon Gym. Challengers quickly flocked to Einsoul Village in order to challenge the Ghost-type leader, but thus far he has remained an immovable obstacle for many of them. Carrying the Spectre Badge is no small accomplishment.

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