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Comminus Town, the town of persistence and determination.

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Comminus Town, the town of persistence and determination.

Post  Jory on Tue 10 Jul 2012, 01:02

Comminus Town is nestled in a valley. With a river dividing this peaceful town, two distinct sides have developed; a side dedicated to Pokemon and their Trainers, and a side where people may live in harmony with their Pokemon without battling. The Martial Side, as the locals call it, is home to a lush forest where many Trainers go to meditate and train their Pokemon in the hopes of besting the Gym Leader of this country hamlet, Jory.

Jory is a user of Fighting-types. Many of the young people who grow up in Comminus Town look up to him, as he has made it his personal quest to help each and every one of them to catch their first Pokemon. Jory is a jovial Leader who will give anything to defend his home. His partner Esteem (a rare blue Gallade) is his best friend and has been with him since the previous leader helped him to catch a blue Ralts that had caught his eye all those years ago.

Make sure you fight my Gym Trainers before challenging me!

Gym Rules:
1. In order to face the Leader (myself, Jory) you must first defeat my Gym Trainers.
2. No ubers permitted in my Gym. If one is built into your team, make sure you have 4 gym badges already and a reserve Pokemon you can use. There are no exceptions to this rule. See the league rules for a list of ubers.
3. Please refrain from swearing during battles. It's unpleasant for me to read and will probably diminish my opinion of you.
4. Remember to have fun during battles! Take all statuses and critical hits in stride, as these things do tend to happen and you can always challenge again.
5. Item Clause, Species Clause, Sleep Clause, and Freeze Clause are all active during battles.

If you win, here's the badge:

Join date : 2012-07-08
Age : 23
Location : Long Island, NY
Jory's Badge Collection:
Glimmer Badge (Ice)
Metal Badge (Steel)
Sky Badge (Flying)
Regular Badge (Normal)
Combustion Badge (Fire)
Silk Badge (Bug)
Venom Badge(Poison)
Rocky Badge (Rock)
Martial Badge (Fighting)
Regal Badge (Grass)
Drizzle Badge (Water)
Kinetic Badge (Electric)

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