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Pugnatore Village

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Pugnatore Village

Post  [Blaze]JTag on Wed 07 Nov 2012, 19:56

Welcome to Pugnatore Village. This is basically a village of Mixed Martial Arts Fighters who train all year for the Pugnans Championships, a MMA tournament in which players have 1v1 matches. Last man standing wins. At the back and center of the Village is Pugnatore Gym with Gym Leader Vindicem, the Fighting Ninja. Post a reply to challenge! Also, I will occasionally hold one of these tournaments, which will be 1v1 Fighting types. I haven't decided when the next one will be but it will be soon and it will be fun!

Successful Pugnatores:
Gym Leader Mai
Youngster Matt

Join date : 2012-11-04
Gym Leader Vindicem's Badge Collection:
Glimmer Badge (Ice)
Combustion Badge (Fire)
Regular Badge (Normal)
Smash Badge (Ground)
Haunter Badge (Ghost)
Silk Badge (Bug)
Esper Badge (Psychic)
Metal Badge (Steel)
Martial Badge (Fighting)

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