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Tenebrae Village & Gym

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Tenebrae Village & Gym

Post  Hedron on Sun 04 Nov 2012, 21:54

"Not much is known about Tenebrae Village; it is a town in the southwest that is covered by trees and is dark almost all year-round. Most travellers don't even know it exists; but those who do never forget their experience..."

Hmm...what is it? Oh, I see you're here to battle me. *sigh*...Alright, but let me finish my tea first.

You see, Tenebrae Village is a quaint little village nestled in between the thick forest and is isolated away from much of the rest of Shoda. Most people here like to keep reserved to themselves...While we have less than 50 people, most people don't know the names of their neighbors. We're a quiet village, but we get by. If you haven't guessed by now, I'm the leader of the Dark Gym...As you can see, our gym is rather run-down...all it is is an old training dojo that me and my trainers, Michael, [Blaze]Champion, and Zac Flare fixed up. Ah, you're talking to me now, you must have already beaten them. Interesting...

*sigh*...I'm done with my tea.'s getting dark. I promise to make this quick so you can get to the Poke Center before it closes.

Certified Trainers: (I'll add more whenever I run out of slots...chances are I won't.)
1. Jason
2. Zac Flare! (abusing dat weather)


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