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Mock Battle Frontier

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Mock Battle Frontier Empty Mock Battle Frontier

Post  Eruptor on Sun 04 Nov 2012, 19:02

Hey guys, this is Erutpor. Recently I have been trying to put together a Battle Frontier so that we could all have some fun new challenges. The problem is, that there are not many people interested in being a Brain, and those who do are already Gym Leaders. So, with permission of Enfu, I am setting up a sort of Mock Battle Frontier where, temporarily, Gym Leaders can be the Brains until this thing picks up, and more people are interested in joining.

If you are interested in joining or even just participating in this Mock Battle Frontier you can PM on the server or PM me on this website. I would like to hear from everyone who would be interested in this so that I can have an idea of how big this thing can get.

Thank you and spread the word,

Edit: So here are the few people who are interested in becoming the mock Battle Brains

Gym Leader Mai
[PT]RedVortex 101
Oshawottgaming [PT]
PKMN Ranger Jory

Feel free to challenge them!


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