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This is Dedicated for the Retired Leaders

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This is Dedicated for the Retired Leaders

Post  Minty on Sun 04 Nov 2012, 17:35

This is for the past Gym Leaders and Champions. Don't feel forgotten my friends, because you are truly remembered. You all have left true awesomeness on the server. You are always missed, and I hope you come on the server again.

Fire: Shepard, Libra (alt. NightLibra)
Normal: Kingdell$8, Myself
Poison: Gym Leader Cain
Water: Digitalblitz
Grass: Jakostu, Geega, Emvee,Grass Gym Gigi
Ghost: Ghost, Cult
Fighting: Comminus Leader Jory
Ice: None
Rock: Gym Leader Konrad
Ground: Gym Leader Drakoni, Gym Leader big bang, Gym Leader Aon
Dark: [Gym]Majora
Psychic: Fuhrer, Will
Bug: Gym Leader Alan, Stream
Flying: [Aerogos] Amanda
Steel: [SteltaCity] Damon, [Galaxy]Omega, RedVortex
Dragon: Vern, Tyrant Tyranitar
Electric: Divine's Leader Mono, Ryoku
Champions: Vern, Stream, Emvee, Jason Martin

Join date : 2012-07-05
Age : 18
Location : New Jersey

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