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Cerebral City

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Cerebral City Empty Cerebral City

Post  bsopkiw on Sat 06 Oct 2012, 00:25

Off in the heart of the mountains lies Cerebral City. Many come to this inclusive city either seeking to expand their psychic abilities or enjoy city life with the security all around them. Whatever the cause all who come here know about the Cerebral Gym and there they will find a challenge unlike any other in the Shoda League. After traveling to many different lands and learning from the psychic masters of the world, Gym Leader Bsopkiw, with the aid of his psychic pokemon, will accept any trainer who thinks they can handle their might power.

Winning challengers:
Jason Martin
[PT] pokemania
Exploding Typhoon
Zac Flare!
[FC] Misty
[EM] Vindicem
Gym Leader Vindicem
Beastly 2
[TR] Beastly


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bsopkiw's Badge Collection:
Cerebral City 25grass_zps10c777ddRegal Badge (Grass)
Cerebral City 25bug2_zps58779a23 Silk Badge (Bug)
Cerebral City 25Fire2_zpsff288824 Combustion Badge (Fire)
Cerebral City 25normal2_zpsf8c0219f Regular Badge (Normal)
Cerebral City 25steel_zps863d9ebb Metal Badge (Steel)
Cerebral City 25fly3_zps66980136Sky Badge (Flying)
Cerebral City 25ground3_zpse3248f29 Smash Badge (Ground)
Cerebral City 25poison_zps6511f5ec Venom Badge(Poison)
Cerebral City 25ghost_zps55b9b453 Lurid Badge (Dark)
Cerebral City 25fight_zps6da66270 Martial Badge (Fighting)
Cerebral City 25ice_zpse650ae84 Glimmer Badge (Ice)
Cerebral City 25psy_zps27ff9ac1 Esper Badge (Psychic)
Cerebral City 25rock_zps376d3c38 Rocky Badge (Rock)

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