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Soar City Gym

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Soar City Gym

Post  [PT]pokemania on Fri 05 Oct 2012, 20:37

Soar City

A metropolis in the sky.The city's located high above central Shoda.This is the legendary pokemon raquaza's nest ground ever since sky pillar was torn down and home to pokemania an expert on flying types.

Soar City's gym the Soar gym is known to be pokemania's gym but first to face him you have to defeat the gym trainers and other experts in the art of flying.All extremely powerful trainers Skylar,Oceansaber,and Nelly.All of us are masters of the sky.Flying types are our hopes our dreams and our lives if you think you have any chance of defeating any of us you're gravely mistaken.If you somehow manage to surpass the perfect gym trainers of the sky then and only then you shall go face to face against the flying master.Good luck and one more thing Soar the heavens with your wildest dreams.

Jason Martin
Exploding Typhoon
Gym Leader Mai

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