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How to Create Your Own Badge

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How to Create Your Own Badge

Post  Enfu on Tue 02 Oct 2012, 17:20

This is a quick and simple tutorial for people who need guidance in creating a badge for themselves. This information will be more applicable to players who are applying for a gym position in Shoda, but can be used by those who simply want to create a badge for fun.

Step 1:

Open Microsoft Paint, Photoshop, Gimp, or any drawing application that you may have access to.

Step 2:

Think of some design in your head, from simple to complex.

Step 3:

Draw it on your drawing application to the best of your ability.

Step 4:

Save the image as a jpg, png, or gif (or other format if you know what you're doing).

Step 5:

Go to and upload your image by clicking "Upload", then choosing your file, then clicking "Upload Now!" and answering a Captcha.

Step 6:

Copy the "Direct Link for Layouts" url that is displayed underneath your uploaded image.

Step 7 (Optional):

Send Enfu the link and ask if he could add certain Photoshop effects to your original image. Try to be as specific as you wish when describing the edits you want done. Once complete, Enfu will supply you with a new link with the edited badge.

Once you have a url for your image, you are pretty much done. The methodology is really that simple; the harder part is creating the idea and drawing it out. If you want ideas on how official badges have looked like in the past, here is an image:

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