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Insect Village

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Insect Village

Post  Jason on Tue 02 Oct 2012, 00:34

The tranquil haven of Insect Village is a serene, calm village in which the wild Pokemon and aspiring trainers coexist peacefully and harmoniously. The townsfolk are one with nature, and as such have a close bond with their natural surroundings, including all varieties of Pokemon. The Insect Village Gym is located here, as is the village's leader, Jason! He has traveled all across the Shoda Region, befriending Pokemon of all types and species. He has finally settled down in his home town and is now leading the Gym.

Current holders of the Silk Badge under Gym Leader Jason are as follows:
NT Bowse/Bowse20
[PT] pokemania
Dr. Libra
Gym Leader Mai
Exploding Typhoon


Join date : 2012-10-01
Age : 24
Location : New York
Jason's Badge Collection: COMPLETE!
Combustion Badge (Fire)
Regular Badge (Normal)
Regal Badge (Grass)
Silk Badge (Bug)
Sky Badge (Flying)
Metal Badge (Steel)
Drizzle Badge (Water)
Combat Badge (Fighting)
Esper Badge (Psychic)
Glimmer Badge (Ice)
Kinetic Badge (Electric)
Smash Badge (Ground)
Lurid Badge (Dark)
Haunter Badge (Ghost)
Venom Badge(Poison)
Draconis Wing Badge (Dragon)
Rocky Badge (Rock)

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