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Sup peeps, Pantera here

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Sup peeps, Pantera here

Post  Pantera on Sun 09 Sep 2012, 11:41

Sup everyone I am Pantera Pokemon Online Elites Ice gym leader and current host. I hope I will enjoy my time here.

Join date : 2012-09-09

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Re: Sup peeps, Pantera here

Post  Enfu on Mon 10 Sep 2012, 18:19

Hey Pantera.
Thanks for registering and posting in the forums. We're starting to bring the server back on its feet, so feel free to stop by whenever you feel like it.
Remember that you can always open more than one tab, meaning that you can be on multiple servers at once.


Join date : 2012-07-03
Age : 28
Location : New York
Enfu's Badge Collection:
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Draconis Wing Badge (Dragon)
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Drizzle Badge (Water)
Rocky Badge (Rock)
Regular Badge (Normal)
Silk Badge (Bug)
Regal Badge (Grass)
Sky Badge (Flying)
Esper Badge (Psychic)
Metal Badge (Steel)
Haunter Badge (Ghost)
Lurid Badge (Dark)
Venom Badge(Poison)

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